Monday, November 03, 2008


Most of us Republicans don't have much time for blogging right now. We're busy walking, or calling, hoping to get in that one more block or one more call before it gets too late and people start getting pissed off.
The major GOP blogs here in Monmouth County have all run posts promoting our great candidates and exposing the Democratic Party and its candidates' unsavory connections. We're partisan blogs, after all; it's what we do. We have attempted to cover the pertinent issues of the campaign.
We now find ourselves on the eve of the quadrennial Presidential election. Sadly, here in New Jersey it seems that a Republican carrying our state is a distant memory. (More on that in a subsequent post.) Still, John McCain and Sarah Palin should carry Monmouth County. With the exception of Chris Smith's Fourth Congressional District, the congressional districts are gerrymandered to the point of extreme difficulty for Republicans.
But still we work.
Make no mistake. On the County level, our party faces an existential challenge. The Democrats may be running a pair of stiffs for county commissioner, but that makes them all the more dangerous if they are elected, as they will be mere handmaidens of the big, urban Democrat bosses like George Norcross. Scumbags.
So, we must neither grow discouraged nor too comfortable. We must work till the polls close to ensure that every Republican has gotten out to vote. Friendly D's and I's, too. The Democrats may be playing games in certain towns, we must overwhelm that with our numbers.
This isn't over till the polls close. It's up to all of us to make sure that tomorrow night's party at Southgate Manor isn't a wake.
Now, let's all get back to work.


Monmouth County Democratic Blog said...

Monmouth will be under Democratic rule.


ambrosiajr said... how about now...would you say its over?