Monday, November 17, 2008


The Asbury Park Press reports that U. S. Attorney Christopher Christie has resigned his federal post effective December 1.
A former Morris County Freeholder, Christie has served as U. S. Attorney for New Jersey since 2002. Among other achievements, Christie has convicted over 130 corrupt politicians of both parties, notably those caught in the big Bid Rig sting. His office is also prosecuting the Fort Dix Six.
Some Democrats have criticized Christie as partisan, saying he unfairly targeted Democratic officials for prosecution. That criticism would appear, however, to be nothing more than an attempt to discredit Christie should he seek the Republican nomination for Governor. Too, the Democrats have a nasty habit of circling the wagons when one of their own gets caught doing wrong.
Many (Not all) of the Bid Rig felons were Republicans, as was Mayor Matt Scannapieco of Marlboro. And need I mention that both Paterson Mayor Martin G. Barnes and Essex County Executive Jim Treffinger were Republicans.
Maybe Christie indicts and prosecutes Democrats because there are simply more of them. Maybe there are simply more of them who are corrupt. Maybe the Democrats should be careful of their whiny criticism of Christie, lest they bring attention to the corruption in their party. Maybe Christie indicts and prosecutes Democrats because no one else will.
It has long been suspected that Christie is interested in a run for Governor. (He would join former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan in that category) So far, he has made no announcement. He is somewhat of an enigma politically, as his Federal post has limited his ability to take public stands on issues. Those blanks should soon be filled should he run.
It is uncertain who the Obama Administration would appoint to replace Christie. As U. S. Attorney is a political appointment we would expect it to go to a Democrat. At publishing time we have no ionformation as to whether Peter Harvey, Zulima Farber or Hamlet Goore are interested.

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