Wednesday, October 31, 2007


"The same party bosses who are running Trenton are heavily funding the Monmouth County Democrats. Voters have to ask who's going to be beholden to the Trenton Democrats."
Chairman Adam N. Puharic

As we observed in the last post, Monmouth County Democrats are being funded - heavily - by the Camden County Machine.
Today's Asbury Park Press reports a $37,000.00 contribution from Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts (D - Camden), a lieutenant in the Norcross political machine. Another $37,000.00 came from the Election fund of Assemblyman Louis D. Greenwald (D - Camden), another known Norcross associate, and $37,000.00 from the Bozo - coiffed Gov. Jonathan Stevens Corzine.
$37,000.00 is the max.
Another $10,000.00 came from the Election Fund of Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D - Middlesex), who represents Jim McGreevey's old district.
This shows a compelling connection between the Monmouth County Democrats (Where wheeling isn't wheeling) and the major Jersey political bosses.
I will add that it shows just a touch of hypocrisy on the part of the Press, which purports to be all for good government and reform. While they may have endorsed our Republican candidates for Senate and Assembly, the building blocks of political power in New Jersey are the counties. It is the county party organizations which control patronage - not only in the county, but also many state positions like tax boards and judgeships go through county chairmen.
To put the Monmouth County Democratic Party (Where wheeling isn't wheeling.) in power would also empower the likes of Norcross in Monmouth County, and add another jewel to his crown. (He's targeting Atlantic County, too.)
So, rather than good government, by endorsing the Democrats, the Press is endorsing the Norcross machine and all the baggage that comes with it. But then, this is the paper that ran stories about prostitution busts at an Ocean Township "massage" parlor, while allowing the same establishment's classified ad to run in the same issue that the story ran in.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Today's Asbury Park Press editorial endorsing Democratic candidates John "Flippy" D'Amico and Silent Steve Schueler for Freeholders is true to form. Blast the Republican candidates for the past actions of the late Harry Larrison and his cronies, and praise the Democrats as reformers. Don't forget to throw curmudgeonly County Counsel Malcolm Carton into the mix.
A look at the Democrats' ELEC reports shows, as in past years, a bevy of attorneys and labor unions as contributors. And remember, like Alice in Wonderland, the Democratic Party is a place where wheeling is not wheeling.
They have even "beLittled" Jeff Cantor with, "Cantor, who has the least experience and seems to have the weakest grasp of the issues among the candidates, doesn't appear ready to step up to the freeholder board yet." Come on. That's just like their "we're dubious" comment about Freeholder Anna Little last year. Cantor has basically followed Little's lead on reform issues.
Their bringing up Carton in particular falls flat. Rob Clifton alreday has voted no on Carton's appointment, and Cantor has vehemently said that he should go. On the other hand, Flippy has hedged on Carton, and Silent Steve has been, well, silent. This blog has reported that D'Amico back in 1988 not only voted for Carton's appointment, he sponsored the resolution. You read it here first. And we have it on good authority that D'Amico and Carton maintain contact to this day, with Flippy even a visitor to the curmudgeonly counsel's palustrine palace.
Flippy is the epitomé of Club Monmouth.
Although the Press' endorsements of Republican legislators was widely praised among G. O. P. activists, their freeholder endorsement falls flat. To read it, one would deduce that they had first made the decision to back Flippy and Silent Steve, then come up with reasons for it later.
The Press is in the business of selling newspapers. If they don't do that, they're out of business. Fair enough. But at least if you're going to make an endorsement, use facts and make it convincing.


Today's Press (Oct. 29th) endorses the Democrats for Sheriff and County Clerk, namely Jack Hill and Amod Choudhary, respectively. This makes for a complete Democratic endorsement on the county level.
The Press continues to dwell on a supposed Republican connection to a dead man, Harry Larrison, Jr., while ignoring documented Democratic connections to live people like George Norcross III of Camden County, Raymond Lesniak of Union County and others, as well as all the labor bucks rolling in.

Monday, October 22, 2007


According to Art Gallagher, it appears that Rasta is Alan Moretti, 27, of Rumson. There may be others involved as well.
I think Alan needs a lawyer.
Many have wanted to (figuratively) Taser® this clown.
Monmouth RastaMan.
This blogger first appeared on the Monmouth County scene around the time of the 2006 County Chairman's election as a supporter of Adam Puharic's candidacy. Originally posting as "Donny D" and using a photo of former Governor Donald DiFrancesco as an icon, after the chairman's election he began posting as Monmouth RastaMan, a "lifelong Monmouth County Democrat who tells it as it is". He then began using a series of photos, changing them periodically.
Rasta's blog began pretty benignly, posing as a disheartened Democrat coming over to the G. O. P. His criticisms at the time were along the lines of criticizing Freeholder Anna Little for not resigning as a Highlands Councilmember soon enough.
After the 2006 election, Rasta amped up his criticisms of Freeholder Little, to the point of libel. Many other dedicated longtime Republicans were targeted; Rasta also went after Courier Publisher James Purcell. It was at about this time that I removed the link to his weBSite.
Purcell retained the services of attorney Tommy DeSeno, who aggressively pursued the case. Through DeSeno's tenacious hard work, Monmouth RastaMan is now Monmouth BustedMan. Found out. Purcell promises to reveal Rasta's identity in a press release later today. When we have the information we will post it here.
I expect this to have a cascading effect. Many will probably want a piece of the Rasta. He offended many people, many of them private citizens. Time will tell where this leads.
Also unknown is whether this extends beyond the civil realm into the criminal realm.
As more info is officially made public, I will post it.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Hats off to the Monmouth County Republican Blogger Honest Abe for this fair reporting on Club Monmouth's own John D'Amico:
-- --


(the rest of Adam's wireside chat is a re-print of yesterday's Former Freeholder Flippy D'Floppa post.)

Could the County Chairman be coming around on the blogs? Last month he plugged More Monmouth Musings.

Thanks for the plug, Adam!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


As the county campaign heats up, we find more and more that former Freeholder John D'Amico, Jr., far from being the reformer that he cracks himself up to be, was in thick and heavy with "the boys".

And on top of that, he's proving to be quite a flip-flopper. And this guy was a judge? And in charge of paroling offenders?

We already knew about his support for curmudgeonly County Counsel Malcolm Carton. You read that here first. Now Freeholder Rob Clifton has released documents showing that D'Amico twice voted for the appointment of Anthony J. Palughi as Director of Central Motor Pool Operations even though Palughi's job application was blank, save for "his name, his phone number, his address and his contact if he got hurt." Clifton points out that D'Amico voted to appoint Palughi twice.

As for Carton, in this year's campaign alone the chamaeleonic D'Amico flip-flopped from, "If we're elected, we're going to review that position and all the open positions that come up", to "It's time for Malcolm to retire. I'm not going to vote for him."

He lamely flip-flopped on the freeholders' dinner meetings of yore, which he gleefully participated in back in the 80's.

"I had dinner. I'm sorry."

Oh. I guess sorry makes it right. You had dinner all right John. On the taxpayers' dime!
It's clear that D'Amico was weak as a minority freeholder back in the 80's. How was he as a majority freeholder? You know, when the Democrats were in control.
Two matters come to mind. The first had to do with the appointment of Robert J. Collins as County Administrator. Collins had served as Administrator during the Democrats' control during the 70's, and the Democrats wanted to bring him back when they retook the majority in the 80's. In the interim Collins had worked in both public and private sector jobs. The Democratic freeholder majority voted to buy back Collins' lost pension time at county expense; normally an employee would have to do this at his or her own expense. That controversial resolution passed on a strictly party line vote, with Republicans Harry Larrison and Tom Powers both voting no.
The second matter that comes to mind is the appointment of John E. Westlake as Clerk of the Board, a position now held by the genial Jim Gray of Manalapan. Westlake would go on to both serve time on the Monmouth County Tax Board and to serve time for tax evasion.
So, D'Amico is no reformer. Not only is he known for cronyism as a freeholder, it would appear that he continued that behavior as State Parole Board Chairman.
Put John D'Amico back on the Board of Chosen Freeholders? You've gotta be kidding!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

D'Amico Brings 'Club Monmouth' to the Parole Board

-- Tenure at Parole Board One of hiring Political Cronies --

"I am not here with any political agenda. What I've stressed with the board is that we are here to render a public service. We're not here to do favors. We're not here to forward partisan agendas.”
- John D'Amico in August 2003
(David Kinney, "Chairman Sets Stage For Parole Reforms,” The Star Ledger, August 7, 2003)

Freehold, NJThe Monmouth County Republican Committee issued the following statement today:

"This summer John D'Amico and the Monmouth County Democrats mailed an attack campaign flyer criticizing the Freeholders' appointment of John Tobia, saying that ‘they'll put an end to the cronyism',” said Monmouth County Republican Spokesman John Raue. "A look at D'Amico's record at the state parole board shows that he in fact brought and retained political cronies with him from Monmouth County to the state parole board.”

"D'Amico said that he had no political agenda when he became NJ Parole Board Chairman, but the first appointment made by Governor McGreevey during D'Amico's tenure at the parole board tells a different story,” said Monmouth County Republican spokesman John Raue.

"Clearly the chairman of the state parole board has great influence over the appointments in his office, so lets look at the first appointment, that occurred by the governor, under D'Amico's tenure at the NJ Parole Board.”

In November 2003, D'Amico's former boss's wife, Veleria N. Lawson, became the first new parole board member hired under the D'Amico Parole Board. "Gov. McGreevey nominated Monmouth County school social worker Veleria N. Lawson to the state Parole Board yesterday. Lawson, a Democrat and the wife of Superior Court Judge Lawrence M. Lawson, would earn $104,118 in the full-time position.” (Sandy McClure, "Governor Selects Judge's Wife For Seat On N.J. Parole Board,” The Asbury Park Press, November 20, 2003)

"It is amazing that out of the hundreds of people who were qualified for this appointment it just so happens that D'Amico's ex-boss's wife got the appointment,” said GOP spokesman John Raue.

To make matters worse, during D'Amico's tenure, he retained Mike Dowling as Executive Director of the parole board. Dowling was the failed Democratic Sheriff candidate in Monmouth County immediately prior to his appointment to this lucrative position.

"D'Amico could have sent a clear signal for reform, and wiped the slate clean of cronies and politically motivated hires. Instead, he chose to maintain the system of perks and preferential treatment that was similar to the ‘Club Monmouth' abuses reported by the press.”

"Clearly John D'Amico's definition of not having a ‘political agenda' is overseeing the appointment of his ex-boss's wife for a political patronage position,” said spokesman John Raue. "These are just two examples of cronyism under D'Amico's leadership at the state parole board.”

"Once again the ‘good old boys' mentality is at work with John D'Amico while he claims he does not have ‘any political agenda',” concluded GOP spokesman John Raue.

Monday, October 08, 2007


We have gotten well into the time of year that campaigns are in full gear. That means signs, campers.

Our Monmouth County G. O. P. has always had a very efficient sign team, and this year is no exception. All over the county one may see the multicolored "Guadagno, French, Clifton, Cantor" signs on lawns and roadsides. (If you haven't gotten yours, call Republican Headquarters at 732-431-6664 and get one!)

Signs for our legislative teams are also appearing in their respective districts; the locals are getting theirs up in the towns. (If you think Howell is quiet, it's because they have no seats up this year. See Manalapan.)

The Democrats have been a tad slow on the uptake this year when it comes to signs. One month out from the general election, we have not seen any Democratic county signs. Their locals are up, as are the legislative candidates, but no county. [UPDATE! 10/10/07: Earlier today one lonely "Hill, Choudhary, D'Amico, Scheuler" sign was spotted on Crine Road in Colts Neck. All by its lonesome.] This does not mean that they have no campaign, however. We have it on reliable authority that their sheriff candidate, Jack Hill, sent out a mailer recently. This piece aroused the ire of postal workers due to its large size and slick texture; a darker side to it was the fact that several postmen received paper cuts from the Hill piece.

Democratic 13th District Senate candidate Leonard "ELEC" Inzerillo got his signs out in the Bayshore this weekend; this appears to have been done separately from his Assembly candidate running mates as they do not appear on his signs. It does not appear that Union County's goose-stepping, Oompa-loompaesque publisher James J. Devine is involved in the 13th District campaign this year.

Last year there were the "Republicans Barbara McMorrow" signs, this year we have the "Republicans for Hornik" (Democratic Mayoral candidate Jon Hornik) signs in Marlboro. These appear to be the result of a party split (Brought to our attention by Barry Goldwater at The Voice of Reason.) in the Marlboro G. O. P. relating to Mayor Robert Kleinberg. So far we have no names, but it appears to be actual Republicans who had a falling out with the mayor. It is our understanding that this group includes some long time party members. Hornik's father, the late Mayor Saul G. Hornik, was a longtime Republican who then switched parties in his first term. The signs do not list a treasurer's name, just paid for by Republicans for Hornik.
Note to Republicans for Hornik: The time to oppose a Republican candidate/official is in the Primary. The Primary, people. Don't promote the Democrats.
Im Marlboro, who is paying for something is always important to know, and it'll be interesting to see just who is funding this operation. If anyone has any info on this, let us know.

Finally, we are told that Mayor Andrew Lucas of Manalapan (Who should have been elected Freeholder last year!) tied the knot this past Saturday. We wish the Lucases much happiness in their marriage!