Sunday, April 06, 2014

Should we Execute Corrupt Politicians???

Corrupt politicians are too widespread a species. All too often they betray their oath of office for personal gain. When or if they do get caught, the penalty is often very mild, at the most they get a sentence to a "country club" type facility, one where Bubba is not a factor.
In our own county we see it, indeed there were the "Bid Rig Boys" nearly a decade ago who not only betrayed their oath to The People, they betrayed their own party's principles of good government. It was trying and convicting crooked politicians of both parties that catapulted a nearly unknown former Morris County Freeholder, Chris Christie, into the spotlight as U. S. Attorney for New Jersey, and ultimately into the Governor's office.
As reported by Chicks on the Right, in California, the Republican candidate for State Attorney General, Philip D. Wyman, has proposed a new idea: Execute state legislators found guilty of crimes which endanger the lives of others. State Sen. Leland Yee (D-8), a longtime gun-control advocate, was arrested last month on federal gun running charges; this case was the inspiration for Wyman's stand. Yee's corruption includes connections with Triad members with street names like "Shrimp Boy", as well as Muslim terror groups in The Philippines. Yee's aide was also charged with use of an interstate commerce facility for the commission of a murder-for-hire and conspiracy to distribute narcotics. Bad dudes, these.
Would execution deter this kind of corruption?

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