Friday, March 14, 2014


Let's start with the candidates for U. S. Senate, of which there are at least five vying to go against incumbent Cory Booker. We will start with the ones with a Monmouth County connection.
Richard Pezzullo is a resident of Freehold Township and was a Major in the U. S. Army Reserve. He has worked with the United Taxpayers of New Jersey.
Brian Goldberg of West Orange Township is a 1991 graduate of Freehold High School (he doesn't specify Boro or Twp.). He is general manager of the family business, Beyond Concrete, located in Old Bridge Township.
From Freehold we go all the way to Bavaria, where Murray Sabrin was born in Bad W├Ârishofen. Son of Holocaust survivors, the Sabrin family came to America while Murray was a small child. He is a resident of Fort Lee.
Former FBI agent Robert "Turk" Turkavage is a resident of Cranford Township and was an independent senate candidate in 2012 (the website is from his independent run, he does not appear to have one yet this year).
Although not as far away as Bavaria, Virginia has been the home of Jeffrey Bell since the early 1980s. He was the GOP nominee way back in 1978, having defeated incumbent Sen. Clifford P. Case in the primary; Bell was then defeated by Democrat Bill Bradley in the general. He ran against Rep. Millicent Fenwick for the 1982 nomination and was defeated, after which he moved to Virginia. He has rented a home in Leonia for this year's run.

For Congress we have more of a quandary. Congressman Chris Smith clearly presents no quandary. A proven vote getter, he is the dean of the New Jersey delegation and his stellar record on veterans issues and human rights is well known.
The Affiliated website lists two congressional candidates, both presumably for the Sixth District. They are Anthony Wilkinson and Hari Eppanapally. A search of their names is inconclusive. We found no reference to any 2014 congressional campaigns for either man. Anthony Wilkinson is a common name, and searching brings up thousands of results, and for thousands of people. Eppanapally is not a common name, and while searching his name shows his past connections with liberal Democrat Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula, there is nothing to be found on a 2014 House run.
Advice to these guys: Get known. Get a website, and/or a blog. Reach out to party leaders as well as the rank and file.

Next, the Freeholder race.


Art Gallagher of More Monmouth Musings has picked up the ball and researched both Hari Epanapally and Anthony Wilkinson.



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