Wednesday, August 15, 2012


She stood up to Adam Puharic, Bill Barham, Fred Neimann and Malcolm Carton. These men have bullied and undermined Little and waged a smear campaign against her and her family. Little's problems with the party bosses got worse when she didn't just "sit back, learn the ropes and follow our lead" as she was told to do.
As many of my readers know, Freeholder 6th District Congressional Candidate Anna Little has been the subject of a nasty and baseless character assassination attempt from within the Republican Party. This campaign, which began almost immediately after her Primary victory on November 7, 2006 June 8, 2010, was initially spread through the rumor and gossip mill and escalated to another Monmouth County political blog in mid December.
Can he overcome the damage caused by his anger?
If they continue on this reckless path, they will be doing great damage to an already vulnerable Monmouth County GOP.
In politics, as in life, holding grudges only nails you’re own foot to the floor. It can be both humorous and maddening to watch grudge holders spin around in circles, while they think they are getting somewhere.

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