Saturday, October 29, 2011


The vast editorial staff at the Monmouth County Republican Blog were shocked enough by the allegations against fellow blogger Art Gallagher of More Monmouth Musings to come out of hiatus. What it sounds like here is someone using the Criminal court system in a vindictive manner to address what should be a Civil matter. If that is in fact the case, we hope the justice system swiftly resolves this.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Art and his family at this time.


Just Saying said...

Psst ... The State of Delaware is alleging that Art Gallagher took forged documents to the DMV in that state and then fraudulently obtained titles to vehicles. They are also claiming that Art engaged in some massive theft. The case against Art is considerably more then "someone using the criminal justice system in a vindicative manor." If convicted, Art is facing years in a Delaware prison.

Bored with Internet Stalkers said...

In response to "Just Saying",
You are misinformed and need to re-do your homework.

I'd say you really have your work cut out for you, since you've posted repeatedly on every site you could find.

Internet stalkers are really an unattractive lot.
Just sayin'...