Sunday, May 10, 2009


We all know about County Commissioner (neé Freeholder) Amy "Hammerhead" Mallet, who wanted Monmouth County to accept juvenile detainees from Gloucester County. Our sources, imbedded deep in the Hall of Records, have uncovered another Mallet scheme, one which has heretofore never seen the light of day.
Not content with just attempting to slash the county Open Space tax, Amy Mallet wanted to sell at least one county golf course. Fortunately, saner minds prevailed before this could become a costly debacle, but it's true.
Where would she get such an idea? Well, in order to explain the actions of this year's Democratic freeholder majority, one must look outside Monmouth County and this is no exception. It seems this year the Democratic freeholder monopoly in Union County actually closed Oak Ridge Golf Course in Clark Township!
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Imagine how dangerous a Democratic monopoly would be here in Monmouth County, under the directorship of John "Flippy" D'Amico and his Union County handlers!
November can't come soon enough!


B&G guy said...

"The county has proposed to do away with the entire engineering department, and funnel this work through contractors."
And Monmouth county has proposed to do away with the entire in-house architect staff, and funnel this work through contractors.

Anonymous said...

And can you imagine if Michelle Roth, who made her money writing feel good public relations pieces for African Gold Mining companies oppressing black Africans were to get elected in the 12th district?

This is the headline on today:

Lesniak, Cryan and Scudiery form legal defense fund for Union Democratic chair.

The Union Democratic chair is defending herself from charges of very serious corruption. Who's coming to her defense? Lesniak and the other county chairman he controls, Vic Scudiery. Now why would Vic go out on a limb to defend the Union County chair unless he had a personal interest? The township attorney in Manalapan is Lesniak's office. Hmmm. Vic handpicked Manalapan's former mayor and current TC czar Michelle Roth to be the twelfth district assembly candidate. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Here's more information on the Democratic candidate for the 12th Assembly race, Michelle Roth. Here's another of Michelle Roth's clients -- Augusta Resource Corporation. Each month until the election, we'll profile another. Did you think Michelle just hated Italians, Asians, Africans and Orthodox Jews? (all of which has been reported in the newspapers and discussed at township committee meetings in Manalapan). Well, you can add Native Americans to that list, too. She has been writing public relations pieces for her client Augusta Resource Corporation whose destruction of large areas of Native American habitat and federal land is being challenged by Native Americans. The Rosemont mine, proposed by Canadian firm Augusta Resources, would be built in the Santa Rita Mountains on 995 acres of private land, 3,670 acres of national forest, 15 acres of Bureau of Land Management land and 75 acres of state trust land. A draft environmental statement is due in March 2009. A final statement is due in November 2009. Opponents have raised concerns that the mine will draw down the water table, pollute the air, hurt water quality and cause traffic safety problems. It's funny. Manalapan has lost millions of dollars in tax dollars because Michelle has personally blocked a needed commercial center in Manalapan, while she's been promoting the devastation of thousands of acres of pristine property critical to the survival of a community of Native Americans. Can you say, "hypocrite?"

So tell me, Frank Pallone, you're supposed to be an environmentalist. How is it you allow this person to be your party's candidate?

Honest Abe said...

Have you thought of starting a Michelle Roth blog?

Anonymous said...

referring to: "Have you thought about starting a Michelle Roth blog?"

No. Frankly, who in the world would bother reading a blog about Michelle. We're sick of her as it is in Manalapan. But a site like this one where people come to be informed, is a good place to print facts about her. We'll send them to you as comments and you can choose to leave them as comments or, since many of them will have actual links proving their accuracy, you can make it a main heading.