Tuesday, March 24, 2009


A few years ago we highlighted some contributors to Barbara McMorrow and Rebecca Aaronson's 2005 campaign. We still don't know what the reason is for all the Florida money. Since it looks like McMorrow is running for reelection this year, we thought it only fitting to refresh everyone's memory.


We had intended to publish a series of posts revealing the complete history of Director McMorrow's campaign finance. Not long ago she had expressed a desire to seek reelection to the board, and this information would have been very relevant. McMorrow would be a strong candidate and was the only Democrat on the board who was not blinded by sheer party loyalty; she would not jump every time "Flippy" D'Amico called. Still, she's very much a loyal Democrat.
She has declined to stand for reelection due to health reasons. While I am aware of what those reasons are, I will not publish them here out of respect for the Director's privacy; suffice to say, it's bona fide. We wish Director McMorrow well in her treatment and recovery.
We do not know who the Democrats will run for her seat, other than someone who will dance when Flippy calls the tune.


Chris said...

Maybe they just want to build COAH here and need an insider.

Anonymous said...

You may remember the comedy show involving the pregnant chads. That was done by the commissioners in West Palm Beach, Florida, of course. And who was one of the commissioners? The same Burt Aaronson responsible for those contributions to the Aaronson/McMorrow campaign. Gee, do you think McMorrow will be able to run Monmouth as well as Burt Aaronson runs West Palm Beach?

Honest Abe said...