Sunday, April 06, 2008


After being MIA for nearly a month, the Monmouth County Republican Blog is back on line. Between a vacation and coming back to computer malfunctions here at The Blog Cabin, your host has had little opportunity to blog other than the occasional comment on other sites.
During the past month, we had the Monmouth County Republican Convention, where John Curley of Red Bank bested Holmdel's Serena DiMaso in an upset. There was the Jerry Springer Show that has become the race for the Senatorial nomination. Don't forger the ongoing soap opera, As Trenton Turns, starring the Bozo-coiffed Governor Jonathan Stevens Corzine and featuring a magic room called the Attorney General's office, where heavyweights who enter are magically transformed into lightweights. Howell has quieted down (but it's early!), and Mayor Joe DiBella has decided against seeking a second term.
Anyway, sports fans, the Monmouth County Republican Blog is back. It's not going away.


Art Gallagher said...

Welcome back Mr. President

Teddy Roosevelt said...

For a guy who is back you have been awfully quiet