Thursday, February 14, 2008


Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will endorse Sen. John McCain today in his drive for the Republican Party's presidential nomination, according to reports on The Rush Limbaugh Show. It is also reported that Romney will release his delegates to support McCain so as to give the Arizona Senator enough votes to clinch the nomination.
No word yet on what effect this will have on reported efforts by the New Jersey Romney campaign to field a slate of delegates in the June primary, but it may be like the Japanese soldiers found years after World War II who were unaware that the war was over and they had lost.
Also no word yet on what effect, if any, this news will have on the Draft Joe Kyrillos for U. S. Senate movement. (UPDATE: Joe Kyrillos will not be running for the U. S. Senate. The Draft site has been taken down, although the blog is still up.)

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Does anyone remember the Keating Five ???