Sunday, July 09, 2006


From the Asbury Park Press


Yes: Adler, Bryant, Buono, Codey, Coniglio, Doria, Gill, Girgenti, James, Kenny, Lesniak, Madden, Rice, Sacco, Sarlo, Scutari, Smith, Sweeney, Turner, Vitale, Weinberg
No: Kärcher
** Sen. Ellen Kärcher said she later switched her vote to yes. That change is not yet recorded in the Legislature's computer system.
Read all about Kärcher's explanation here.


Yes: Gormley, Martin
No: Allen, Asselta, Bark, Bucco, Cardinale, Ciesla, Connors, Inverso, Kavanaugh, Kean, Kyrillos, Lance, Littell, McNamara, Palaia, Singer

Yes: Barnes, Burzichelli, Caraballo, Chivukula, Cohen, Conaway, Conners, Cruz-Perez, Cryan, Diegnan, Egan, Epps, Fisher, Giblin, Gordon, Green, Greenstein, Greenwald, Gusciora, Hackett, Johnson, Lampitt, Manzo, McKeon, Oliver, Payne, Pou, Prieto, Quigley, Roberts, Scalera, Schaer, Sires, Stack, Stanley, Steele, Truitt, Vainieri Huttle, Vas, Voss, Watson Coleman, Whelan, Wisniewski
No: Albano, Mayer, Moriarty, Panter, Stender, Van Drew



Yes: Blee
No: Baroni, Bateman, Beck, Biondi, Bodine, Bramnick, Carroll, Connors, Corodemus, Dancer, DeCroce, Doherty, Gregg, Handlin, Holzapfel, Karrow, Kean, Malone, McHose, Merkt, Munoz, O'Toole, Pennacchio, Rooney, Rumpf, Russo, Thompson, Vandervalk, Wolfe
Not voting: Chatzidakis


Honest Abe said...

I guess Ellen Kärcher was kind of like John Kerry. She actually did vote against the $30.8 billion... Before she voted for it.

Kramer Hall said...

I'm bummed that they killed the water tax. I thought it would lead to increased airbathing!

Beacon Hill said...

Thompson voted no, which gives the impression he is running next year -

Is he running again next year??


i was just on at's "wally edge." as it turns out there's some accusations on this 21 comment post that include wally being this norcross (and thereby lynch) guy. they gave a name. i don't know if it's true but it would make a lot of sense.

a bunch of folks on the site are complaining about how politicsnj and wally haven't really covered the whole budget controversy because they're playing favorites. if it's not the cause, it sure as heck is the effect.

this site dealt with the state budget a lot more seriously than wally.

i guess wyour site is probably a lot more relevent right now when it comes to Monmouth. somewhere along the line politicsnj jumped the shark.

hey, it can. it was a great outlet for a little while, a good outlet for some time and now, well, it's not.

Honest Abe said...

Beacon Hill -- Why not call Sam up and ask him yourself?

Beacon Hill said...

hey abe - I sent him an email but he didn't respond



i know the budget is huge. but somewhere along the line what do you think about talking eminent domain?

publish or don't as you see fit.

Honest Abe said...

I addressed eminent domain about 13 months ago when Kelo was decided:

It has been on the agenda here and will be addressed again. Stay tuned.